Wish list

Any of these items are not expected but always appreciated!
  • I have created a wishlist on Amazon mostly with books we would love to add to our classroom library! 
  • GLUESTICKS!! I forgot to add them to the class supply list at the beginning of the year so we could use A LOT of gluesticks!
  • Talk point buttons
  • HearAll Assessment Recorder
  • drying rack for art work
  • Babyganics sanitizing wipes (for tables, not hands)
  • scrap paper with at least one blank side (the kids like to use this for drawing paper)
  • bingo chips
  • film containers
  • Thin Expo dry erase markers
  • Supplies for the art/drawing center: stickers, pom poms, stamp markers, glitter crayons, smelly markers, etc.

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