Friday, February 6, 2015

Tasting Mangos!

We all got to taste a mango today! The mango fruit played an important role in the "Afternoon in the Amazon" book that we finished today. Jack and Annie had to find a mango in the rainforest in order to help Morgan Le Fay!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Earth, Moon & Sun Song

We learned a new song today called the "Earth, Moon & Sun Song" it is sung to the tune of Farmer and the Dell. It goes, "The earth turns around, the earth turns around. Once a day, every day, the earth turns around. The moon goes 'round the earth, the moon goes 'round the earth. Once a month, every month, the moon goes 'round the earth. The earth goes 'round the sun, the earth goes 'round the sun. Once a year, every year, the earth goes 'round the sun." Thank you to My Montessori Journey for the cute idea! See us singing it in action:

April 28th-May 2nd Breaking News!!

Our weekly newsletter is now going to be in the form of a short video! Please check out our
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