Sunday, November 10, 2013

Math Centers

Here is one of our math centers “Race to Trace.” We play with our study buddies and we each get a turn to roll the die. Then we have to trace the number that we rolled. The first person to trace all of the numbers in their row wins! Click here to print out and play at home!

Another math center is “Numberline Hopscotch” we have to jump on each number as the rest of our group members are waiting in line clapping and counting the number that the jumper is on. We have to practice having self-regulation and all counting the same number that the jumper is on…we can’t count too quickly or slowly.

Here is the “storyboards” center. One partner picks a number and the other partner has to count out that many cubes onto a board. Then they have to tell their partner what they are pretending the cubes are, and our partner will check our cubes to make sure we have the right number than we switch!

Castle Making!

We were very busy making props to go along with the second Magic Tree House book “Knights at Dawn."
We got to sponge paint the castles with our group!

Fire Safety

Thank you to the Fire Fighters that came in to talk to us about fire safety.
We learned to crawl underneath the smoke in order to get out.

We got to see what a real fire fighter would look like with all of their equipment on…
They even gave us our own fire hats!

Mystery Question

Here is an example of our “Mystery Question” that we do each morning. We added two different parts on this mystery question and it got a little tricky! The kids need to put there name under the answer that represents them.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

We use these “learn to draw” strips to help us learn to draw different characters in the stories we are reading.

Here’s a bridge one group made…
Here’s another group making a different bridge!

Apple PIcking!

We had a blast apple picking at Honey Pot Hill Orchards back in September! Check out our pictures...
                                                       We loved getting to go on the hayride!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Little Pumpkins Fingerplay

Our class was VERY excited when I told them that they were now famous because we recorded a song! They’re so funny…this is one of our favorite fingerplays to sing…take a listen!