Email your pictures of what you did with Moonbear over the weekend and I will post them to this page! Our class has a class stuffed animal, his name is Moonbear, named after the bear character from the Frank Asch stories. Every Friday we pick a name out of a hat to see which student will get to take Moonbear home over the weekend. Each child gets to pick two outfits (we have collected a bunch of different themed outfits from Build-a-Bear) to put in the bag to take home with Moonbear. In Moonbear's bag is the story "Happy Birthday, Moon!" by Frank Asch, a journal to write down what you did
each day with Moonbear, feel free to add drawings, pictures, etc. One of my former students even recorded a song about Moonbear and gave us a copy of her CD which you will also find in Moonbear's journal! Please be sure to return Moonbear and all of his/her belongings on Monday.

Moonbear had his first experience on an airplane over December vacation with Zachary! Here they are in Seattle in front of the Space Needle!

Check out what Colm did with Moonbear last year!

Here is Moonbear hanging out with Colm & Jacob!

Darth Vader Colm & Moonbear...

Here is Colm and his sister Fiona building a snowman with Moonbear!

Check out Isaac's video about what he did with Moonbear over the weekend!

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