Friday, May 15, 2015

ABC Countdown to Summer!!

We will be having an ABC Countdown to countdown the last 26 days of school!! Please  check the calendar to see what the letter & theme of the day is!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Please help support the kindergarten playground update!

We currently have a small kindergarten playground with one play structure that has a slide, tunnel and monkey bars and the playground also has two swings. This would be perfect for a small group of children, unfortunately we can have 50+ children out on on playground just between the two kindergarten classes. This means that most children are having to spend their recess waiting for a turn on one of the two swings or waiting for a turn on the monkey bars or slide. We've tried to supplement and buy jump ropes, chalk, skip-its, etc. but those only last so long. I am hoping to get some stationary musical instruments, a large chalk wall, a play house and boardwalk to offer more choices to those eager-to-play kindergartners! I wrote a innovation grant to the AEF (Arlington Education Foundation) in hopes that they will fund part of this project. We are waiting to hear back if they have accepted our grant! The Peirce PTO has so generously donated $3,000 to help get us started. If we do get the AEF grant that will be another $3,000! We are reaching out to the community to help with the rest of the cost. Please consider making a donation and please share the GoFundMe page with all your friends, neighbors, local businesses and family! We are hoping to have phase one and possibly phase two completed by August 2016.