April Computer Games

Addition: Flashes a visual representation of a number (1-20) using 
fingers, dice, rekenrek, eggs, or 
number discs, increase or decrease time between flashes
Speedy Pictures

Players look for a designated sequence of 3 flowers located 
somewhere in a 4 x 4 grid (easy level) of 
assorted flowers.
Flower Frenzy

Pop the balloon to match a statement, either "greater number" or 
"lesser number."
Balloon Pop Comparison

Find the numbers that are larger than the given number.
Compare Numbers: Larger Than

Destroy numbers by selecting them so that their sum is 10
Add Up

Click on the correct sum and reveal a dinosaur bone!
Can You Dig It?

Shoot the correct sum before the alien ships get too close!
Addition Attack

Use the right arrow key to go to a house and click on the door of the house
you want to go in...use the right arrow key to go over to the "plus" sign and
then click on it. click on the correct sum for the addition problem
Murb Math Games

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